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Affairs That Changed History

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Infidelity is not a new occurrence. Throughout every part of the world, individuals in committed relationships have been cheating on their partner since the day the world was formed. While many affairs were inconsequential, others have likely changed the course of history, for better and worse. Let’s look at two of the most famous affairs exposed in the past. One involves ancient history, while the other is from the modern era.

Wallis simpson affair
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Keeping your friend with benefits without the drama

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If you are looking to add a friend with benefits while you are married, the chances are that something is missing from your current relationship – but it isn’t enough of a problem to merit ending what may well be a strong relationship.

friends with benefits married dating

Sometimes differences in interests or other areas creep up in a marriage. If you are a marathoner but your wife prefers long afternoons at a museum, you can both accommodate each other’s interests, but you are both likely to make friends of the opposite sex who are more into your common interest than your spouse is. So you might find yourself on long training runs, talking to someone who sparks your interest. If the interest is returned, then why not become friends with benefits? After all, you both like the same things, and you have that physical spark.

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Having an extramarital affair with your dream date

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You can meet your dream date online and have a steamy affair with them that will help to boost your confidence more than it has ever been boosted before.  You do not need to wonder if this is a good choice for you.  Both men and women need an ego boost every now and then, and the people who want to provide that ego boost are out there.

couple having an affair

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US Affair Statistics Revealed!

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The definition of marriage in the US is changing and people are becoming much more tolerant of affairs and less expectant of an entirely monogamous relationship. The popularity of illicit dating and marital affair websites is on the increase and women are enjoying becoming a part of online secret dating communities even more than their male counterparts.

usa map open to affairs in relationships

In the US there are an estimated half a million women who have taken up membership on a marital affair site, which means they’re quickly catching up with the guys. But that’s not the only surprising statistic you’ll find surrounding extramarital affairs in the US!  Read More

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Hillary Clinton Sides with Bill over Lewinsky Affair

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As Hillary Clinton considers her presidential candidacy, a new set of papers has emerged that shine a light back on the Notorious Monica Lewinsky affair of the 1990s.

bill clinton affair

In the papers, which were discovered in the documents of a close friend of the Clinton’s, it’s inferred that Hillary Clinton felt her husband’s controversial affair was a ‘lapse’ and called the former White House intern a ‘narcissistic loony toon’.

Momentum is building for Hillary Clinton in terms of the possibility of a presidential run in 2016 and the new papers could place the former first lady in the headlines again for all the wrong reasons. The latest news from the Clinton camp has been revealed just as a new biography of the former secretary of state was released.

The papers are the memos of Mrs Clinton’s close friend Diane Blair, an Arkansas based professor of Political Science who passed away in the year 2000. Blair was a White House Regular who advised on two of Bill Clinton’s presidential campaigns.

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US Couples Forgive Cheating More Than Money Problems

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A new survey from a leading marital affair dating site has revealed that US couples are more likely to forgive a partner for cheating than they are for running into financial problems.

people forgive affairs more than debt
According to the survey, almost 70% of those questioned said that money worries would be the most likely reason for divorce, whilst 60% listed infidelity as their top reason and 36% cited family disagreements.

The survey, which has been released in time for Valentine’s Day, found discrepancies concerning who takes charge of household finances within a marriage and who gets the blame when budgeting goes wrong.

The study found that 41% of men questioned were solely responsible for finances within their relationship, whilst just 15% said their partner took charge of money. However, of those women questioned 32% felt they were calling the shots financially and 19% said looking after finance was their partner’s role. Read More

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Six of the Best Extramarital Affair Movies

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We’ve all sat down in front of a movie to watch an affair play out and wondered ‘what if?’ and our obsession with affair movies demonstrates that infidelity is a controversial but still very prevalent part of life.  So whether you’re a seasoned philanderer or simply a movie fan, our list of must watch affair movies should go straight on your bucket list.


6. Match Point

This creepy offering from Woody Allen is short on gags but big on passion. The story centres on an affair that develops between Tennis coach Chris Wilton (Jonathan Rhys Myers) and sexy American Nola (Scarlett Johansson) who just happens to be his brother in law’s fiancé. The movie starts slowly but the intensity builds into a web of lies deceit and eventually murder.

5. Eyes Wide Shut

Firmly in the ‘so bad it’s good’ category, this very bizarre film which was completed posthumously after Stanley Kubrick died and nearly killed off the careers of both Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, as well as spelling the end of their real life marriage. After Kidman’s character admits she almost had an affair, Cruise embarks on an all night sexual odyssey that is at times harrowing, but mostly just very, very strange. Read More

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Fascinating Facts about Cheating

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Affairs are generally kept under wraps, which means statistics about infidelity and extra-marital affairs are hard to pin down. But below you’ll find some of the most well-supported facts about cheating in the US.


  1. Around 30-60% of US married couples will have an affair at some point in their relationship, but according to a research review that figure is probably conservative when you consider that almost half of US marriages end in divorce and people are more likely to go elsewhere if their relationship is already in trouble. Read More
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Are US Attitudes to Affairs Changing

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A recent global survey which questioned thousands of participants about their relationship habits found that whilst America still presents as one of the world’s most conservative countries, attitudes to affairs are changing and people are becoming more tolerant of cheating.

usa affair

The survey, which questioned people in more than fifty countries, asked a number of questions about affairs including whether they were morally acceptable and whether they could be forgiven. Unsurprisingly the most tolerant country in the survey was France, where less than one third of those questioned felt affairs were unacceptable. In addition French people were the most likely to forgive an affair.

The last time a similar survey was conducted America was close to the bottom of the list in terms of affair acceptance, but the new survey has shown that more people in the US would no longer consider an affair unacceptable and a greater number of people would also be willing to move on from an affair and remain in their relationship as opposed to seeking a divorce. Read More

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