Why is Power So Attractive?

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: August 21, 2014

Power is an amazing aphrodisiac. During our adult dating adventure, we tend to find people with power much more attractive, and they usually have no problems getting laid. The big question that most people have is why? Is power itself some major turn on, or does it go deeper than that? Here are some clues and thoughts that might surprise you about why power is so damn sexy.


The relationship between confidence and power

Power can be described in a lot of different ways. Power could mean being rich or wealthy, it could also just mean being in control of your situation and circumstances. In general, power usually translates to someone being successful at something. People who are used to success tend to be more confident than others and tend to exude this confidence in their posture, speech and general behavior. 

When a winner walks into a room you know it. That is a very enticing quality that peaks our interest and curiosity. Everyone loves a winner. When you are approached by someone who is clearly confident and comfortable with themselves, someone with personal power of some kind, it’s hard not be enticed by them. At that point it is their game to lose, and they know it.

Powerful people have less reason to be insecure, so they are usually not conveying the unattractive qualities born of insecurity. They don’t talk too much or too little, they tend not to be nervous, they’re very laid back and can easily make others comfortable with them. These traits are all essential components of seduction.

Powerful people are rewarded for taking bold risks

When someone has power and are used to success, they often are less likely to be deterred by the possibility of failure. It means a lot less to them and does little to diminish or undermine their confidence. As a result they take more risks, they try more often and they try harder, having experienced winning so often. As a result they are rewarded for their boldness. You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take. If you are used to winning, you simply keep taking and making shots. Combined with the aura of confidence gained from past successes, the sheer act of persistence creates a loop of success that continues to give a powerful person every reason to be confident in whatever they approach.

Power has its perks

Power usually also has some very attractive advantages. Power is defined by some as the ability to act. In terms of money, the applications of this, and the advantages, are clearly obvious. In the case of physical power, like being an athletic person for example, it means that you may be more physically attractive, or at least impressive. This also implies that you will be more impressive sexually as well. If power comes in the form of intelligence or social savvy, it means that your charms are able to open up doors to adventure that may not be available to other people in your social class. It makes you a rare person and someone who can beat odds, which is very alluring and somewhat magnetic to others.

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