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Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: May 30, 2014

Your spouse is not into BDSM like you.  You can never get them to tie you up, or they will not let you spank them whenever you get the urge to. So frustrating isn’t it? However, when you find a BDSM partner who can fulfil all of your sexual fantasies, your time spent with them is well worth it.  Imagine how exciting your life can be if you can be with someone who knows how to push all of your buttons.

wife not giving you bdsm

The Dominant

When you are the dominant person in a relationship, it is hard to get your kicks if your partner will not let you tie them up and truly dominate them. Maybe you need to meet someone who is willing to let you have control for just a little while.

This requires a great deal of trust, but being with a person who trusts you that much can be very sexy.  You get to be in charge and this person loves you for it because you are fulfilling their fantasies at the same time – a truly win/win situation. While these relationships can get very complicated, if you plan them well with the person who is your slave, you can make sure that they are always ready to see you whenever you want to tie them up and enjoy them.

The Submissive

If you are a submissive partner in a relationship who cannot get their spouse to dominate them this can be equally frustrating.  You cannot feel real release if you are not being dominated. Therefore, as with the dominant, it is important that you get to know someone who will love you in your submission.  If you can find someone who will keep your secret a secret and still dominate you to your hearts content, you should enjoy that relationship for as long as you can. This shouldn’t be too difficult as you will certainly be doing everything that you possibly can to please your master anyway won’t you.

It may be something that you have to work very hard at; you need to have an understanding with your dominant fling.  You are still sleeping with your spouse here and there, but your dominant playmate has total control over you. It must, however, be made clear that there are still certain boundaries that need to be adhered to. Just because you’re submissive doesn’t mean that you’re a walkover.

If BDSM is your thing but you’re not getting it at home, a marital affair might be the answer to your problems. You get to be the person that you want to be in the bedroom, allowing you to feel pleasure that you may never have felt before.

You can fulfil your wildest fantasies when you find the right BDSM partner for you – and that is the key, finding the right one. So, go out and get what you want, you’ll be glad that you did.

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