Check Out the Wildest Places Where People Have Adult Fun

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: August 14, 2014

Everyone has fantasies about having adult fun outside of the bedroom, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Adult dating with someone with a shared love of outdoor activities can lead to some crazy situations though. Read on to learn about some of the wildest places where people enjoy sex – if you’re lucky you could be next.


In the changing room at a clothing store

You know the ones, the changing rooms where you go to try on your bathing suits at the beginning of summer or your winter coats when fall comes around. Did you ever think about having sex here? Probably not, but the truth is that many people have not only thought about it, a ton of people have done it too. More than one clothing store has had to call security or the police to come and arrest a couple going at it behind that thin curtain. Did they think no one could hear? It brings a whole new meaning to ‘trying it on for size’!

In a public pool

Sure, having sex in your own pool in the security and privacy of your own backyard is one thing, but what about sex and canoodling in a public pool? It’s true. Many people get off on having sex in public places, and pools are one of the top areas where people like to have sex. Yes, the pool sign says it closes at 11pm, but do you think that tiny iron fence could stop two frisky people who want to get it on? The stats say no! It’s not the most horrible thing in the world, just try not to think about it the next time you visit your favorite hotel and jump in the pool straight away!


Of course, airplane bathrooms are a favorite place for sex scenes in the movies or on our TV screens, but is it really true? Sex research as well as polls and surveys suggest that it is. You may have been on a flight recently and noticed that the bathroom was full for a quite lengthy chunk of time. Were you left wondering why that was? Well, you might just have found out why!

Fast food restaurants

Sex and food don’t really mix unless perhaps it’s some warm chocolate being drizzled on your lover’s chest. But a hamburger and fries with sex? It doesn’t seem possible, but it is. Believe it or not, some people do like to engage in sexual activity around foods other than chocolate or whipped cream. A couple was recently thrown out of a fast food restaurant in the United Kingdom for canoodling in the handicap restroom. Another couple (this one elderly) was arrested here in the United States for getting it on with each other in a fast food restaurant’s parking lot.

As Jim Morrison once said ‘People are strange.’

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