The Advantages of an Open Marriage

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The advantages of an open marriage are numerous. People who are involved in an open marriage do not have to worry about having an affair because they can enjoy both their marriage and being with other people at the same time – without having to concern themselves with the potential repercussions. This often leads to happier marriages that last longer and also provides the opportunity for more freedom to be enjoyed by both people in a marriage. Many times it is the perfect solution because it allows for this type of freedom without adversely affecting the finances and status of the people involved in the marriage. It’s like having your cake and eating it.

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New Play Examines the Complexities of Political Marriages

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Since the Monica Lewinsky incident, has Bill Clinton struggled to remain faithful to Hilary? Did Eliot Spitzer seek comfort in the arms of a prostitute because his marriage had lost its spark? When Anthony Weiner sent ‘those’ photos to his female admirers, humiliating wife Huma Abedin in the process, what need was he satisfying?

bill clinton famous affair

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Rielle Hunter Apologises for John Edwards Extramarital Affair

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Rielle Hunter, the former videographer for the John Edwards campaign and mother to the politicians’ youngest daughter has apologised for her 2007 affair with the 2004 Vice – Presidential candidate and conceded that she ‘behaved badly’. In a new book penned by Hunter ‘In Hindsight, What Really Happened: The Revised Edition: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me’ the videographer gives details of the affair and explains that she is no longer angry about the media abuse that she received when the story broke.

John Edwards Extramarital Affair

In an interview given to the Huffington Post, Hunter commented that it had taken her a long time to admit to herself that her behaviour during the scandal had been questionable and attested that the media reaction to the affair had been justified because of the way she behaved.

The extramarital affair, yet another case of the mysterious power that politicians seem to have over women, which was widely reported in the tabloids and a former aide’s book, led to the politician’s downfall. Edwards denied his involvement with Hunter initially and refused to admit that he was the father of Hunter’s daughter Frances Quinn, born in 2008.

The new reworking of Hunter’s book which is out now came about after her publisher suggested that she should go through the first edition and annotate all her mistakes and regrets. In her Huffington Post interview Hunter does not discuss the current state of her relationship with Edwards but expresses her regretted at hurting the vice – presidential candidate’s then wife, Elizabeth, who passed away in 2010 and lamented the effect that the scandal had on Edward’s other children.

Hunter went on to comment ‘I hurt her family. I hurt John’s family…I hurt people who gave their hard earned dollars to a campaign.’

Former Senator and nominee for the vice – presidential candidacy Edwards was indicted on six charges of misuse of campaign money when he was accused of using party funds to help keep the affair under wraps. After a gruelling trial which took place last year the former political hot potato was found not guilty on one charge and the other five charges were dropped after a jury deadlock.

In the original book Hunter claimed that Edwards had lied to her about his extramarital affairs and had not told her the truth until two years after she had testified in his favour during the scandal when he was accused of misusing campaign funds. In the  book she went on to call Edward’s wife, who died of breast cancer in 2010 ‘a witch on wheels’, ‘venomous’ and ‘crazy’ and suggested that Elizabeth’s abusive behaviour towards the politician was what drove him to have affairs.

Whilst it’s refreshing to see that Hunter has had somewhat of an epiphany about her selfish and questionable behaviour, the real villain of the piece, Edwards, has once again been left practically unscathed by the new admissions. However, as the person who was most badly affected by the scandal, Elizabeth Hunter, has now passed away, perhaps it’s time to put the whole issue to bed and cease attempting to squeeze yet more money  out of a very sad and very shameful affair by re-releasing a book.

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