Dating in Today’s Age

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Dating has never exactly been the world’s easiest endeavor. After all, it’s hard to figure out what will most impress someone you really don’t know all that well yet. Most people’s natural instincts lead them to playing things safe and taking their date to a club, a bar, or maybe a movie. However, options like hiking or a visit to the aquarium are actually much better options. (Getting concert tickets or theater tickets are good ideas, too!)

This helpful infographic was designed to give modern daters an inside look on what really works in regards to today’s dating scene. Learn which dating activities are the most common in various locations all over the United States. Find out how today’s couples are really meeting, as well as how long they’re waiting before finally deciding to tie the knot. Even learn how many other people Google their dates before meeting up with them and how many people lie on their online profiles. (You’re far from the only one!) You’ll be so glad that you did.

The dating infographic was created by Nick B., an avid concert and theater goer in order to inform society of great date ideas.

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