Affairs That Changed History

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Posted: July 17, 2014

Infidelity is not a new occurrence. Throughout every part of the world, individuals in committed relationships have been cheating on their partner since the day the world was formed. While many affairs were inconsequential, others have likely changed the course of history, for better and worse. Let’s look at two of the most famous affairs exposed in the past. One involves ancient history, while the other is from the modern era.

Wallis simpson affair

Prince Paris of Troy and Helena

In the 11th century BC, Prince Paris was set to marry the woman, Helena, he believed was the most beautiful in the world. Unfortunately, Helena was already married to the King of Sparta. The Prince visited the King and Helena in their home and when the King left on business, the two lovebirds headed back to Troy. When the King returned, he was furious and consulted his brother, a Greek ruler. Before long, Paris and Helena’s affair ignited the Trojan War, an epic battle that is considered to be the greatest war in history. After the Trojan Empire fell, Prince Paris was killed and Helena was forced to marry her brother-in-law.

Former Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson

Wallis Simpson was a married American woman who was introduced to Prince Edward by Lady Thelma Furness, Edward’s long-time love interest. They continued to run into each other at social events and before long Edward was smitten with her, and she with him. In 1934, Wallis was divorced. In 1936, Edward’s father passed away and Edward was forced into becoming the King of England. However, he wasn’t meant to hold this position forever.

You see, Edward and Wallis had been seeing each other. As a divorced woman from America, to say that she would not be welcomed as the Queen is an understatement. Before long, Edward chose his love interest over the crown. In a public radio broadcast, he let the world know that he “found it impossible to carry the heavy burden” of being the King without “the woman he loved” standing beside him.

His younger brother, Alfred, was named King George VI and Edward became known as the Duke of Windsor, though he kept the title of His Royal Highness because of his status as the oldest son. George decreed that Edward and Wallis should marry and she would be known as the Duchess of Windsor, but official royal status would be denied to Wallis and any children born from their marriage. Edward and Wallis moved to France after marrying in a ceremony that was not attended by any of his family. They never had children and remained committed to each other until Edward’s death in 1972. Wallis never dated again and died 14 years later. She was buried next to Edward at the Royal Burial Ground.

There is no denying that affairs have played a major role throughout history. Inevitably, they will only continue to do so.

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