Having an Affair Dating? How to Keep Both Sides Happy?

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: August 7, 2014

Affair dating is supposed to be fun, adding excitement and intrigue to our day-to-day lives. When affairs are conducted properly, no-one should get hurt, especially not our spouses. Knowing how to keep both parties happy, your spouse and your fling, involves a little pre-planning and consideration. If you want to know how to conduct a successful affair, read on!


Have Realistic Expectations

Joining a married dating site like Marital Affair and then taking the on-line affair into the real world means you need to have realistic expectations. Both you and your fling will probably have families, jobs, hobbies and a whole host of things that make up normal everyday life. Being clear up front that this affair is for fantasy, hot sex and maybe a little companionship is not only laying the ground rules for a successful affair, but safe-guarding your own real life. Make it clear this is a temporary relationship that will run its course, and when the sizzle becomes fizzle, it will be time to let each other go.

Manage Your Time Wisely

When married affairs become hot and heavy, the temptation to drop everything and go and run to them for a make-out session can become overwhelming. Instead, plan your rendezvous carefully; pre-planning hotels, out of town cottages, using a friend’s house for the afternoon, can all add excitement to when you do meet your fling. Set boundaries around when and how you communicate; using smart phone apps is great, as long as you can disguise those apps on your phone. Use code words if you text or email and allow for some flexibility if make-out plans have to be postponed, real life can intervene from time-to-time.

Live In The Moment

When you and your fling get together for wild, passionate, “never in your wildest dreams did you think you could find someone who could do that to you” meetings, remember to live fully in the moment. Don’t come to a hot date armed with complaints about your boss, spouse or neighbours. This is about a mutual exchange of pleasure. Leave the real world behind for a couple of hours.

Dress Appropriately

If you are afraid your spouse will wonder why you are going out in that hot cocktail dress or snazzy new suit, leave your affair clothes at the gym locker or another location away from home. Buy sexy underwear, and wash it when no one is home. Don’t be afraid to ask your fling for what you want sexually, and listen to their requests; both of you might never experience something like this again. Remember, this is all about fantasy!

Remember to Resume Normal Life

The people who conduct successful affairs; keeping both spouse and fling happy are those who are able to resume a normal life easily and discretely. Both during, after and in-between affairs, keep your own life productive. Keeping on track with your career, families and hobbies makes you a well-rounded, well-adjusted person. The affair just adds to your overall character, a little down time where you can play out a different persona and enact all the fantasies you thought you had forgotten about. Never let an affair take over your life; and anytime a fling seems to have even the remotest potential to turn Fatal Attraction, end it immediately.

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