May 2014 - Marital Affair

Get tied up in your affair

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Your spouse is not into BDSM like you.  You can never get them to tie you up, or they will not let you spank them whenever you get the urge to. So frustrating isn’t it? However, when you find a BDSM partner who can fulfil all of your sexual fantasies, your time spent with them is well worth it.  Imagine how exciting your life can be if you can be with someone who knows how to push all of your buttons.

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Keeping your friend with benefits without the drama

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If you are looking to add a friend with benefits while you are married, the chances are that something is missing from your current relationship – but it isn’t enough of a problem to merit ending what may well be a strong relationship.

friends with benefits married dating

Sometimes differences in interests or other areas creep up in a marriage. If you are a marathoner but your wife prefers long afternoons at a museum, you can both accommodate each other’s interests, but you are both likely to make friends of the opposite sex who are more into your common interest than your spouse is. So you might find yourself on long training runs, talking to someone who sparks your interest. If the interest is returned, then why not become friends with benefits? After all, you both like the same things, and you have that physical spark.

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The Advantages of an Open Marriage

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The advantages of an open marriage are numerous. People who are involved in an open marriage do not have to worry about having an affair because they can enjoy both their marriage and being with other people at the same time – without having to concern themselves with the potential repercussions. This often leads to happier marriages that last longer and also provides the opportunity for more freedom to be enjoyed by both people in a marriage. Many times it is the perfect solution because it allows for this type of freedom without adversely affecting the finances and status of the people involved in the marriage. It’s like having your cake and eating it.

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Having an extramarital affair with your dream date

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You can meet your dream date online and have a steamy affair with them that will help to boost your confidence more than it has ever been boosted before.  You do not need to wonder if this is a good choice for you.  Both men and women need an ego boost every now and then, and the people who want to provide that ego boost are out there.

couple having an affair

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