February 2014 - Marital Affair

Six of the Best Extramarital Affair Movies

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We’ve all sat down in front of a movie to watch an affair play out and wondered ‘what if?’ and our obsession with affair movies demonstrates that infidelity is a controversial but still very prevalent part of life.  So whether you’re a seasoned philanderer or simply a movie fan, our list of must watch affair movies should go straight on your bucket list.


6. Match Point

This creepy offering from Woody Allen is short on gags but big on passion. The story centres on an affair that develops between Tennis coach Chris Wilton (Jonathan Rhys Myers) and sexy American Nola (Scarlett Johansson) who just happens to be his brother in law’s fiancé. The movie starts slowly but the intensity builds into a web of lies deceit and eventually murder.

5. Eyes Wide Shut

Firmly in the ‘so bad it’s good’ category, this very bizarre film which was completed posthumously after Stanley Kubrick died and nearly killed off the careers of both Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, as well as spelling the end of their real life marriage. After Kidman’s character admits she almost had an affair, Cruise embarks on an all night sexual odyssey that is at times harrowing, but mostly just very, very strange. Read More

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Fascinating Facts about Cheating

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Affairs are generally kept under wraps, which means statistics about infidelity and extra-marital affairs are hard to pin down. But below you’ll find some of the most well-supported facts about cheating in the US.


  1. Around 30-60% of US married couples will have an affair at some point in their relationship, but according to a research review that figure is probably conservative when you consider that almost half of US marriages end in divorce and people are more likely to go elsewhere if their relationship is already in trouble. Read More
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Are US Attitudes to Affairs Changing

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A recent global survey which questioned thousands of participants about their relationship habits found that whilst America still presents as one of the world’s most conservative countries, attitudes to affairs are changing and people are becoming more tolerant of cheating.

usa affair

The survey, which questioned people in more than fifty countries, asked a number of questions about affairs including whether they were morally acceptable and whether they could be forgiven. Unsurprisingly the most tolerant country in the survey was France, where less than one third of those questioned felt affairs were unacceptable. In addition French people were the most likely to forgive an affair.

The last time a similar survey was conducted America was close to the bottom of the list in terms of affair acceptance, but the new survey has shown that more people in the US would no longer consider an affair unacceptable and a greater number of people would also be willing to move on from an affair and remain in their relationship as opposed to seeking a divorce. Read More

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Affairs on the Increase as Valentine’s Day Approaches

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According to new research from a number of leading US marital affair dating sites the run up to Valentine’s Day is the time when more people than ever are likely to embark on an affair.


The research, which came from several top marital affair and illicit dating sites, surveyed more than 11,000 affair website members to find out more about their cheating habits and discovered that the greatest volume of site activity takes place on just one day – January 6th. However, figures also showed that the busiest months for embarking on a marital affair are January and February. The numbers of people beginning affairs drops off towards the end of January and then increases again as Valentine’s Day approaches. Read More

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